Programme staff

The programme has a dedicated staff team. Staff are also stakeholders of the programme, along with local clinicians, experts by experience, trainees, representatives from the employing body (Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust), commissioning body (Health Education England), university and faculty representatives, and regional special interest groups. The programme works with all stakeholders in an effort to respond to local need and current training and practice issues.

Programme office hours

The programme office is the base for most of the programme's administrative staff. The office is spread across rooms C16 and C14 in the Furness Building.

The office is closed from 9.30-10.30am every Thursday morning for the admin team meeting

Please note that office staff are less available due to meeting commitments on Thursdays and lower staffing levels on Fridays. These days are usually not teaching days

Programme office staff

The summary below shows the varied and numerous responsibilities of the administrative staff, and provides guidance on who should be approached regarding the main needs of trainees.

Katherine Thackeray

Programme Administrator
Tel 92970

Katherine works Monday to Thursday in C16 Furness Building and manages the running of the programme office and administrative team. You will mostly consult with Katherine regarding the following

  • Programme policies and procedures (advice and guidance, updates, access to etc)
  • Committee / Programme Board business
  • Trust HR liaison and paperwork
  • Queries and advice including pastoral care, disability issues, maternity leave and intercalation
  • Applications to attend a conference/access CPD funds and checking budget and entitlement
  • University expense claims
  • Accommodation on placement
  • Selection and Admissions
  • Development and Implementation Group involvement

Ruby Mitchell

Programme Assistant - Placements
Tel 92971

Ruby works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in C16 Furness Building. You will mostly consult with Ruby regarding the following

  • Placement documentation and associated issues
  • Sick leave and other absences
  • LCFT travel expenses
  • Changes to your personal details (address, phone number, email etc)
  • Printer computer photocopier guidance

Sarah Heard

Research Co-ordinator
Tel 92754

Sarah works full time and is based in C14 Furness Building. You will mostly consult with Sarah regarding the following

  • Research documentation
  • Purchasing of resources required to carry out research, where approved by the Research Director
  • The loan of mobile phones from the course for research purposes
  • Advice regarding postal arrangements for sending out recruitment packs
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred by participants
  • Letters in relation to ethics and R&D applications
  • Viva examinations and associated procedures
  • Workshop co-ordination

Rob Parker

Programme Assistant - Scheduling
Tel 92691

Rob is based in C14 Furness Building. You will mostly consult Rob regarding the following

  • Scheduling and Annual Plan
  • Programme Website
  • Programme Handbook
  • Teaching matters on Wednesday afternoons
  • Teaching materials on MOODLE
  • DClinPsy Newsletters
  • Organisation Management Group matters
  • CPET training courses
  • OneFile online portfolio
  • Technical, equipment, and ICT support

Christina Pedder

Programme Assistant - Teaching
Tel 93378

Christina works Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in C16 Furness Building and specialises in teaching matters. You will mostly consult with Christina regarding the following

  • Any issues relating to teaching including teaching programmes, arrangements and registers
  • Teaching feedback (Qualtrics)
  • Accessing personal therapies
  • Learning and Teaching Policy Group matters
  • Use and hire of departmental equipment and resources

Jen Whitfield

Programme Assistant - Academic
Tel 94083

Jen works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in C14 Furness Building. You will mostly consult with Jen regarding the following

  • Submission of work, process and format, receipt of marks and feedback
  • Exam Board matters
  • Mitigating Circumstances Committee

Kate Swift

Programme Assistant – DclinPsy and CPET
Tel 94083

Kate works part time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in C16 of Furness Building. You will mostly consult with Jen regarding the following

  • Clinical Psychology Education Team – administration and marketing
  • Clinical Psychology Service administration
  • Annual Leave for trainees via

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