Quality assurance of teaching


The quality and appropriateness of teaching is monitored in several ways. When planning the teaching programme, strand teams and teachers agree a plan for each teaching session which takes account of the content and methods to be used, and indicates which learning outcomes each of these aim to focus on addressing.

Peer Observation

The programme uses a system of peer and stakeholder observation of teaching.

There are minimum requirements for permanent staff members to be peer-observed regularly, and staff are encouraged to discuss feedback they have received during their annual appraisal. A sample of teaching delivered by external teachers is also peer observed each year. Feedback from the peer review process is collated and disseminated by the curriculum tutor for the programme.

More information is available in the Peer observation guidelines.

Trainee feedback

Following teaching sessions, feedback is obtained in several ways, and is reviewed and acted upon by strand co-ordinators. Following each teaching session each trainee is prompted to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire gives an opportunity to provide open-ended written feedback which is anonymised and then forwarded to the teacher(s) of the session in question. Trainees are also invited to provide individual feedback direct to the co-ordinator, and are also asked for feedback individually during their training progress reviews which occur every six months during training.

At the end of each teaching block, the curriculum tutor requests and collates feedback from the cohort about the delivery of the block as a whole via an email review. All feedback received is discussed within the Teaching and Learning Policy Group and an action plan in response to it is formulated.

Teacher feedback

Teachers are also asked to complete an online questionnaire following the session giving their feedback on the teaching experience and identifying any areas where changes might be beneficial in future.