Requirements for progression

Trainees must submit all the following academic assignments: systematic literature review (SLR), service-related project (SRP), a professional issues assignment (PIA) and the Direct Assessment of Clinical Skills - Placement Portfolio (DACS-PP) x 2 consisting of: -

  • 4 Assessment and Action Plan reports (2 per DACS-PP)
  • 2 Recordings of Clinical Activity (1 per DACS-PP)
  • 2 Clinical Recording Reports (1 per DACS-PP) (based on the submitted recordings of clinical activity)
Trainees will also be expected to take part in one summative Direct Assessment of Clinical Skills - Standardised Role Play Simulation (DACS-SRPS).

It is not possible to omit any assignments or placements during training. Trainees are initially funded for a three year full-time period of training and they are encouraged to have all assessments competed within this timeframe. However, where a trainee needs to intercalate for any reason then training might be extended, thereby also extending the assessment period. The maximum length of training is currently seven years (not including intercalated periods), although the university will extend registration in exceptional circumstances. This decision would be made by the university registry.

Where a piece of work fails, the trainee should resubmit this piece of work. However, should this resubmitted assignment pass, the first fail still stands. If the resubmission fails, this would count as two fails (all elements of the DACS-PP are considered together, although the failure of an element more than once means that that particular DACS-PP will be considered as one fail overall). The trainee is allowed only one attempt to re-sit a failed academic assignment. Three or more fails on academic assignments would lead to termination of the trainee's registration with the university and, consequently, employment as a trainee clinical psychologist with the programme's host NHS Trust. It is possible that the trainee could complete training with one failed assignment (the same assignment failed on initial submission and failed again on resubmission) but no more than one.

During the course of training, trainees need to complete and pass all five clinical placements: child and family, adult, older adult/health/neuropsychology, learning disability and third year placement. Failure of two placements is sufficient for the trainee's registration with the university to be terminated.

The number of failed academic assignments and failed placements are not combined but are dealt with separately.