Staff Continuous Professional Development Strategy

The Lancaster Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is committed to the continuous professional development (CPD) of its programme staff as an integral part of development and quality assurance. The staff CPD strategy aims to strike a balance between individual career development needs, as identified through the annual Professional Development Review (PDR) process, and the needs of the programme, in terms of areas of progression which require new knowledge and skills as well as more routine updating of core staff competencies. All programme staff, whether NHS- or university-employed or part-time or full-time, have a PDR with their immediate line manager. The action plans resulting from the PDRs are reviewed at regular intervals during the year and targets monitored.

The identification of programme CPD requirements is an ongoing process throughout the year and a specific consideration during team away days and via the Director meetings. However, the core areas of CPD are based on the HCPC standards for CPD and the expectations of supporting the research profile of DHR and FHM. Thus, relevant staff may be supported to attend conferences and seminars so as to present their own research, as part of their professional development.

Standards Staff CPD
CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice Attendance at national events discussing the future of health care and mental health provision, such as:
  • West Minister Forum projects
  • Public Health Programme showcase
  • Workshops on commissioning public mental health
  • Attendance at Psychological Professions' Network
  • Attendance at Health Education (North West) strategy events
  • Membership of Applied Psychological Services Network
  • Attendance at Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology conferences, meetings and events.
  • Attendance at National and North West Division of Clinical Psychology events
  • Attendance at Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology conferences, meetings and events
  • Attendance at clinical skills assessment events
We seek to ensure CPD has contributed to the quality of their practice and service delivery Internal and external supervision - using a variety of models including coaching, narrative, cognitive analytical therapy

Programme of mandatory training including safeguarding and the Mental Capacity Act

Gaining qualifications in:
  • Cognitive analytic therapy
Attendance at Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology service user conferences

Attendance at Health Inequalities events
We seek to ensure that their CPD benefits the service user Membership of community psychology forum and attendance at Community Psychology Annual Conference