Teaching support

The DClinPsy programme is committed to ensuring that teaching is equally accessible to all of trainees. In order to ensure this, trainees are asked to inform the programme of any specific learning needs they may have, so that the course team can offer them the support that they need. Some examples of the support/aids that are available to trainees include:

  • Hard copies of hand-outs are provided for trainees in teaching sessions, wherever possible. This is particularly helpful for trainees with visual impairments and dyslexia.
  • Hearing loop facilities are available in all teaching rooms.
  • Trainees with specific learning needs, i.e. dyslexia, are able to record teaching sessions on digital recorders, after seeking permission from the teacher, in order to aid their learning.
  • All teaching rooms are wheelchair accessible for students.
Another way in which the programme supports inclusive learning is by asking all teachers to adhere to the DClinPsy guidance on document and slide preparation available below.

Guidance on document and slide preparation