Time allocation guidance

Annual leave entitlement

This will depend on your length of continuous service but will be at least 27 days a year, plus bank holidays (April to March). If at the start of or during training you accrue five or ten years' continuous service within the NHS then your annual leave allowance will rise to 29 or 33 days respectively. Please show the programme office a letter confirming your years of continuous service and they will update your leave record accordingly. Which days count as annual leave? Example: You wish to take five days of annual leave, Monday through to Friday, inclusive. On three days you would usually be on placement, one day would be private study, and one day in for teaching. Each day counts as a day of annual leave. You need to officially ask for five days annual leave, and ideally liaise with your year group such that not too many are away from teaching at any one time. You must inform (in advance of taking leave) the Programme Office of your requested leave days. Please see the Absence from work policy and procedure in the online handbook.

Days on placement

Generally, you should be on placement three days a week. Following thesis submission trainees are expected to spend 4 days a week on placement. Where thesis hand in goes beyond the middle of May there is a grace period of 4 weeks where trainees can retain a study day per week, after that they will be expected to spend 4 days a week on placement. Where there are specific mitigating circumstances which have resulted in a delayed thesis hand-in then more study time may be agreed but this would be in discussion with the Directors.

Teaching days

Generally, there is one teaching day per week. If, for some reason, there is no teaching, you should be on placement. For example, during the majority of August there is no teaching planned, so, if you are not on annual leave go to your placement.

Ill health

Please phone the absence phone 07508 375 643 to report any absences as soon as possible in the morning of the absence. In the case of teaching days this must be done before 09.30. On placement days you must also contact your placement supervisor to let them know you will be absent. If you are ill on a study day you must still phone the absence phone number.

Non-typical leave requirements

Should any trainee require prolonged special leave, for example, maternity leave, reasons relating to illness (in self or family members), extensive compassionate leave, then that is arranged on an individual basis in line with LCFT's policies following discussion with the Clinical Director. A trainee requesting such leave would need to link with the programme office in the first instance, and others will be involved in discussion as appropriate. Compassionate leave / intercalation are options. Please ask at the office and you will be directed to talk to an appropriate member of the staff, one of the directors, in the first instance.