Time spent on placement

Pre thesis hand in

The general plan is for trainees to be available for placement work for three days each week.

There may be occasional extra teaching days and meetings, but these should be rare and it is anticipated that trainees use some of their private study/research time, if necessary, for these extra commitments. Private study is generally one day each week, so there is room for negotiation between supervisors, trainees, and the programme staff about allocation of time for commitments that fall outside of placement activity.

Each week there is also one day set aside for teaching. Generally, the first year trainees are taught at the university in Lancaster on a Wednesday, second years on a Tuesday and third years on a Monday.

Post thesis hand in

Following submission of their theses (usually from mid-May of the third year) trainees are available for placement work for four days each week until the end of the course. Where trainees are late in their thesis submission, they should still attend placement for four days a week from the first week of June unless other arrangements have been specifically made. This fourth day of placement activity, from June onwards, can under some circumstances (and with careful planning with trainees, clinical tutors and supervisors) be used to undertake a separate placement activity, for example to enhance skills not addressed elsewhere such as service development or community focused work.