Trainee complaints

If trainees have a complaint regarding any aspect of their training then they would be encouraged to discuss this first with their tutor or cohort tutor. It is expected that most complaints can be discussed and resolved at this level. Occasionally it might be necessary to involve the Chair in Clinical Psychology, Clinical and/or Research Director to resolve a complaint. However, further involvement of other programme staff would only be instigated after discussion with the trainee.

If a trainee was not satisfied with how the complaint was managed then further avenues are available depending on the nature of the complaint. If the complaint, for example, related to an aspect of their NHS contract or an NHS-employed individual then mechanisms are available to pursue this via their host NHS employer. If the complaint was around university policies or procedures or a university-based member of staff then they would be directed to the university student complaints procedure.

University student complaint procedure
LCFT grievance procedure