Trainee feedback

The programme staff value feedback from trainees on all aspects of their experience in training. Some methods of obtaining feedback are very formal, for example after each teaching session trainees are required to provide feedback via an online system. Others can be less formal, such as conversations with teaching coordinators.

With placement activity trainee feedback is given on a form called the Placement Audit Form and this supplements verbal feedback to the programme staff during placement visits. There are more details relating to this in the Practice Placements handbook.

Placement audit form

Trainees' views on research are sought during the teaching sessions in the formal way described. However, with research there is considerable individual tuition given by the research team and trainees usually talk very openly about their experience of their research work and their support and liaison with research supervisors.

In addition to the above, trainees are encouraged to talk more generally about their view on training, in informal settings with staff and also within the more formal context of the various programme committees. There are also the bi-annual training progress reviews and the end of training interview which, again, provide useful forums for feedback.

Feedback is received and acted upon (as appropriate) following discussion in the placement and teaching reviews, and then in the appropriate policy groups. The way the programme has decided to act upon trainee feedback is detailed at the Management Committee meetings. The programme feels it important that the way feedback has been used is communicated to all providers of feedback, including trainees.

Finally, the formal trainee representation on programme committees and the input from the Clinical Psychology Postgraduate Committee ensure that trainees have the opportunity to contribute to the future development of the programme.