Trainee resources

Places to study

The trainee base room (C27 Furness Building) can be accessed at all hours. The Furness Building is open during office hours and entry to the trainee room can be gained by using your University ID card. Outside of office hours you can gain access using your University ID Card. A porter is on site to help you if you have any difficulties. The trainee room must not be left open - if the door is open for any length of time, a buzzer will sound until the door is closed. If you are the last to leave, please ensure that all lights are turned off and the windows are shut.

Trainees also have access to the PCs in the Learning Zone. More information about the Learning Zone can be accessed here:

Trainees can also use the Study Hub, based in The Storey in Lancaster. This town centre facility is available to all Lancaster University postgraduate students and boasts two rooms, B03 and B04 – a quiet study area and a group space with a large monitor. It has capacity for up to 46 people, access to the university’s Eduroam wifi and is open six days a week (closed Sundays).

Thesis cupboard

The thesis cupboard in the trainee base room contains past trainees' theses from the last 3 cohorts to graduate from the programme. The theses MUST NOT be removed from the trainee room. Due to space restrictions not all theses are stored in the trainee room, but are available to view on request through the Research Coordinator, Sarah Heard.

Refreshment Facilities

Tea and coffee making facilities are available in the C floor kitchen, along with a water cooler and a fridge. It is the trainees' responsibility to put money into the communal fund for tea, coffee and milk and to ensure the area is clean and tidy after using it. Please remember that this is a kitchen shared with other faculty members who also rely on the facilities. Should there be any technical problems with the equipment, please report them to the programme office.


A supply of envelopes is available in the trainee base room. If you require a large number of envelopes please inform the office so that the appropriate numbers can be ordered. Please note that the envelopes that are franked with the university postage paid logo can only be used for posting from the university. If they are sent from anywhere else the postage will not be paid on the item.

Therefore, if you are sending out packages to research participants where you wish to receive a posted response, you will need to include an unfranked envelope - labelled with the below freepost address - for the return:

Clinical Psychology
Furness College

Printer labels, and the template for printing this address on to printer labels, are available from the office on request.


The programme office provides equipment that trainees are able to loan out for research purposes. Some examples of this equipment include digital recorders, USB foot pedals for transcription, mobile phones and telephone pick up devices to record telephone interviews. If you would like to loan out any equipment, we advise that you email the office in advance to ensure that what you need is in stock. If the equipment is not available we will chase this for you.

Psychometric Tests

The programme office has a selection of psychological tests that can be loaned out to trainees. A list of the tests available can be found in the resources section on Moodle.

The Classroom on Wheels

The course owns a Classroom on Wheels unit storing laptops in the teaching room, C34 Furness Building and one in the trainee room, C27 with additional laptops. The laptops in the teaching room are mainly used within research teaching to allow for interactive sessions where the trainees can follow the instructions given by the teachers using software such as SPSS. Additionally trainees can use the laptops during the lunch breaks on teaching days providing they are not removed from C34. The laptops in C27 are for use in the trainee room whenever required but should not be removed from the room.

It is the responsibility of the trainee who has borrowed an item out to ensure that it is returned to the programme. In the event that resources are not returned, the trainee who last borrowed the item will be financially liable to replace the item borrowed. Resources should not therefore be passed on to others for use and short-loan books need to be returned on the same day they are loaned out.

In recent years the amount of equipment available to trainees to borrow has increased dramatically in response to demand. However if you find that there is something you would like to use for your research that you are unable to borrow from the course please inform the Research Coordinator and we will consider the request and purchase where appropriate.