Trainee travel and expenses

Trainees often commute from home to their practice placements for some distance across the North West region, perhaps as much as one hour each way. If travelling from home to the university would be a shorter distance, the extra mileage is funded. Travel during work time is also often required, to attend meetings and home visits for example, and this is funded by the programme. Very occasionally, trainees may be asked to stay in bed and breakfast accommodation for up to two nights per week (the cost to be met by the programme) during the placement if that would make a distant placement more accessible. Personal circumstances are always taken into account if this is a possibility, e.g., trainees with caring responsibilities would not be asked to stay away from home.

Claiming travel expenses

Travel expenses should be claimed using the NHS expenses form.

Mileage to academic teachingNo payment (regardless of teaching location)
Mileage to and from placementAt public transport rate (for distance exceeding home to base)
Mileage to clinical researchAt public transport rate (for distance exceeding home to base)
Mileage within placementAt official rate

In all cases the trainee's base is the University teaching site. It is appreciated that a number of trainees who live some distance from their base may feel disadvantaged but the above arrangements are consistent with current employment arrangements. When trainees visit participants for their research work or go to a site to conduct research for their thesis or SRP research, claims can only be made when the distance is greater than home to base, and then only at public transport rate. For example, if a trainee lives 50 miles from Lancaster but is collecting data for research at a hospital base (or participant's house) that is 48 miles from home, then no claim could be made. If the hospital base (or participant's house) is 52 miles from home, then a claim can be made for 52-50 = 2 miles at public transport rate.

With regards to clinical research travel that takes place outside of the North-West region is costed to the £300 budget that trainees can use for research expenses. For these purposes the northwest region is defined as Cumbria, Cheshire/Wirral, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Trainees therefore need to indicate on the NHS expenses form the county that the travel will take place within. For any travel that takes place outside of the North-West region trainees have to complete and return the research travel form to the Research Coordinator in addition to the NHS expense form. The NHS expense form must be completed for trainees to be reimbursed for any mileage incurred. More details on research expenses is available on the Research expenses page of the online handbook.

Please note that conference travel is processed differently.

Research budget travel form