Fees for Doctoral Studies

In order to study at postgraduate level you will need to have funding for two principal types of expenditure: tuition fees and living costs.

Tuition fees

These differ depending upon your place of normal residence, your nationality, the discipline of your study and whether you are studying full time or part time. Fees are revised annually; the information given below relates to the 2012/13 academic year.

PhD Biomedical and Life Sciences/PhD Medicine

For full time UK/EU students the fee range is £3,828-£8,828 per annum inclusive of bench fees, which are determined according to the requirements of the research project to be undertaken. The basic fee exclusive of bench fees for UK/EU students is £3,828 per annum and for Overseas students £13,990 per annum.

A project-specific bench fee of £1,000, £2,000, £3,000, £4,000 or £5,000 per annum will be charged in addition to the basic fee. Applicants will be informed of the bench fee in their offer letter. In circumstances where a research project requires the use of exceptionally expensive materials, a higher bench fee may be charged.
Bench fee levels remain the same in 2012/13 as in 2011/12.

PhD Health Research and PhD Statistics and Epidemiology

Full time fees for UK/EU students are £3,828 per annum, full time Overseas fees are £12,000 per annum. Part time fees for UK/EU students are £1,914 per annum.

PhD Mental Health, PhD Organisational Health and Well-being, PhD Palliative Care and PhD Public Health

These PhD programmes are available for part time study only. Fees for UK/EU students are £2,250 per annum and for Overseas students £6,050 per annum.

Living costs

Living costs in Lancaster compare very favourably to those in other urban areas. Nevertheless, we recommend that a postgraduate student has approximately £8,500 to support themselves each year.

Expenditure on accommodation, household costs, social and incidental expenses varies according to your lifestyle and personal circumstances. We suggest that you plan your budget once you have identified your preferred accommodation options, as housing costs are likely to be the principal expenditure you face.


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