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About Us

The Hub works strategically to increase collaborative research and knowledge exchange between Lancaster University, Industry, Hub partners and Social Care across Lancashire and Cumbria

  • Strategic operation of the Hub involves close liaison and co-ordination between the Associate Director of the Hub at Lancaster University and R&D Directors and Managers at Hub partners.
  • Growth of high quality, locally led research is stimulated and supported through the Hub by bringing together:
    • Service perspectives, professional interests and facilities within Hub partners
    • Internationally renowned research expertise in health, medicine and social care at Lancaster University
    • Industry perspectives and experience of collaborating with biomedical companies
  • The Hub facilitates cross-sectoral knowledge exchange.
  • The Hub organises events and seminars that offer opportunities for collaborative working and development.
  • The Hub works with key research focussed organisations in the region such as the Cumbria and Lancashire Comprehensive Local Research Network (CL CLRN) and the North West Research Design Service (NW RDS).
  • The Hub develops links with Industry.
  • The Hub supports growth of research capability in Lancashire and Cumbria through training and development initiatives.


Professor John Goodacre, Director of the Hub, at the launch event
  • Noisy Knees! - £560k government backing to develop medical device to detect knee osteoarthritis
  • Marker for Autism - £152k funding for biomedical physics study to investigate a marker for autism spectrum disorder

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