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Working with Industry

Lancaster Health Hub welcomes the opportunity to work with Industry.

The Hub will enable companies to benefit from working in a strategic and co-ordinated manner, at either individual or organisational level, with a range of high-level skills and expertise in the University and NHS according to need.

Working in Lancashire and Cumbria through the Hub now offers Industry the unique prospect of:

Linking with Lancaster University for scientific consultancy and collaboration in research, access to technical skills and technology platforms, access to established programmes for work-based learning and staff development, and support for business development.

Linking with the NHS for clinical consultancy and collaboration, and the design, development and evaluation of prototypes and products.

Linking with the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) and local Specialty Groups for input, guidance and support in delivering clinical trials.

Developing longer term partnerships and relationships with local organisations and networks to support joint planning and the emergence of joint strategic initiatives.

Please see our Industry Charter, which outlines why the Health Industry can benefit from working with the University and NHS sector in Lancashire and Cumbria.

Work With Us
  • For further information or to discuss your needs, please contact us.


Dr John F Stageman, Chairman of Bionow
  • Noisy Knees! - £560k government backing to develop medical device to detect knee osteoarthritis
  • Marker for Autism - £152k funding for biomedical physics study to investigate a marker for autism spectrum disorder

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