Future-forming interdisciplinary research

We welcome partnerships with academics, researchers and related centres in other universities.

Our expertise combines rigour from a range of disciplines and openness to experimental approaches that frame ‘problems’ differently.

Just some of the research questions that drive our work include:

What are the challenges and opportunities facing publishing?

What is the nature of northern English identity, and how does it affect planning for the region’s future?

How will ancient and medieval heritage be relevant to communities in the future?

What is the future of work in the green/blue bio-economy?

What do future labour relations look like in the environmental service-based economy?

Do get in touch if this sounds of interest. We are keen to discuss how we turn the future into something more social, with anyone, anywhere.


You can find out more about our ongoing research themes by following the links below. Contact the theme leaders if you are interested in collaborating with us.