Ranjini C Raghavendra

PhD in Women’s Studies/Sociology 2007

Supervisions and teaching are the most crucial aspect for any student. During my long field work, my illness and during the writing up stage of my doctoral program I got tremendous support from my supervisors as well as my peers. We formed a writing group wherein we exchanged our work-in-progress. Interactions with our immediate seniors who were just a few steps ahead of us was of tremendous help. One of the most important aspects was the interdisciplinarity of the Sociology Department. For the first time I came across new schools of thought and disciplines, such as Science and Technology Studies, that I was not even aware of in India.

The journey from the first frightening journey alone on an airplane to my successful viva was remarkable. Yes of course, sometimes it was lonely, tough and challenging, but teachers and friends at Lancaster helped me sail through and come out with flying colours.

- In 2015, Rajini was a Post Doctoral researcher and Program Manager at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.