Sissi Tang

BA in Media and Cultural Studies 2010

I had an amazing three years at Lancaster University. I learned a lot from my courses: not only theories that helped me to understand attitudes in the world but my course also created opportunities for me. For example, I created a short film with my classmates as a team and in my final year and I made a long documentary for my dissertation. I also did a summer internship with Vogue and Michael O’Mara Books in London.

No doubt, University is a challenge to everyone, especially to someone who is like me. To come abroad to speak and study a second language is a daunting task, but it also provides you with a feeling of success. I fully understand your fear and adventurism, but do not be worried about this point. Lancaster is fully equipped with the resources to support you from first year to the final year. People are nice here and I have made lots of friends. I am so glad I spent part of my youth in Lancaster. This beautiful small town has the footprints of us everywhere.

I would like to strongly recommend Lancaster University to you, if you want to study in a peaceful and high-standard university. If you want to get to know new friends from all over the world and you want to see the beautiful scenery that is outside of your dorm window. If you want to have achievements in your future, then choose Lancaster as it is one of the best opportunities for you to take advantage of. I am proud that I went to Lancaster and I am forever grateful.

- In 2012, Sissi was teaching English with the Chinese Education Initiative, an American Non-Profit Organisation. Since 2015 she has been working in Rijksmuseum (The National Museum of the Netherlands) as a Project Associate. She also contributes to SELF Magazine as a lifestyle, travelling and art review columnist using her travelling experience of 45 countries and 4 continents.