Tammy Ho

BA in Media and Cultural Studies 2015

Besides learning how to look after myself and cook, studying abroad changed how I communicate with other people. Lancaster has students from all around the world, and this gave me exposure to a great cultural diversity and helped me learn how to communicate with people of different backgrounds. Since Lancaster is really close to public transport and just an hour away from the Manchester airport, I was also able to travel around the UK and visit France, Italy and the Netherlands. As a student studying media and cultural studies, this was a really good experience because it helped me explore culture diversity and built up my social skills.

During my degree, I also participated in the Lancaster Award, which helps to build skills for future employment. To meet the criteria of the award, I attended career workshops and participated in volunteer work. I have volunteered in the Christmas Market and the Music Festival as a helper. In both events, I served as an assistant to answer people's enquires. I was responsible for interacting with people from different backgrounds, and this gave me a chance to strengthen my communication skills and  express my views confidently and concisely. The career workshops taught lots of employment skills, such as CV writing skills and terms used in business letters.