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  • Heating © Meryll |

    The history and future of room temperature

    Most people expect normal room temperature to be about 22 degrees C. but very few know why this is the case. An interactive exhibition, staged by the DEMAND research centre as part of Campus in the City provides some clues.

  • International Women's Day © Valentino Visentini |

    International Women’s Day 2014: "Equality for women is progress for all”

    International Women’s Day has been celebrated on 8th March since the early 1900s. From 1975, the United Nations has named a theme for International Women’s Day. For 2014 the theme is "Equality for Women is Progress for All”. But what would equality for women mean?

  • Catwalk © Pavel Losevsky |

    ‘Walking Skeletons’: media, misogyny and thinness

    October 2007: a model walks the Guy Laroche catwalk at Paris fashion week. Her beautifully cut, flowing backless tunic, like her skin, is purest white: her simply-styled hair and minimal makeup designed to showcase the flowing lines of Laroche’s expert draping. What is most striking about this show, though – and what will attract widespread attention from commentators and bloggers is not the clothes, but the thinness of the woman’s body.

  • Smart meters don't make us any smarter about energy use

    Energy bills are higher on the political agenda than ever before and we are constantly being told that devices such as smart meters will help us make better decisions and take control of the energy we use. But evidence shows that these new technologies are not making us more savvy.

  • All this talk about lights hides bigger energy challenges

    To anyone following recent discussions about the UK’s energy sector, it might seem the nation is entirely lighting-obsessed.

  • School holiday shakeup brings unintended consequences

    Michael Gove’s proposal to allow all schools in England to set their own holidays is part of a bill aimed at removing “unnecessary burdens” and regulations. But removing some burdens could create others.