My talk explores what it means to examine visualisations of disaster in a way that helps bring time, action, and situation into the discussions around meaning. While trying not to devalue the ability of visualisations to have meaning in multiple, contested, and unexpected ways, I have been exploring methods for how meaning can be tied to the specifics from which they derive and why those specifics might matter. I have found that paying attention to visual culture as representation of practice (a la STS) offers unique insight into why barriers between diverse groups emerge, how awareness of diverse needs could be sparked, or what solidarity might mean in practice, all necessary goals when dealing with the diverse experience of disasters. Using as a case study my work to track down how maps were made during the San Diego, California 2007 wildfires, I discuss how I have been trying to push these boundaries of image and disaster as practice in my own work.


This seminar is part of the 'Methods Mixtures' series presented by the Centre for Science Studies and Centre for Gender and Women's Studies. For further information on this seminar series please contact Maggie MortThe full list of seminars this term can be downloaded below:

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