This paper explores strategies of analysing large data sets of scientific articles. The development of information technologies has increased the access to scientific production in terms of the quantity of articles produced and available for reading and in relation to query machines and visualisation tools intended to facilitate the exploration of enormous data sets. Through a ‘literature review’ of the scientific production about cortisol and stress published in the last 50 years, we explore the material semiotic character of this set and the data configurations produced by the digital machines and visualisation tools that mediate our interactions with them. Drawing on science and technology studies’ recent interest in network analysis and digital humanities, we critically approach these data by means of bibliometrics and social network analysis tools (Gephi and NetDraw). By exploring some characteristic of literature reviewing as research method, this paper shows the performative nature of data production and analysis and its consequences in the study of contemporary science and academic craft.


This seminar is part of the 'Methods Mixtures' series presented by the Centre for Science Studies and Centre for Gender and Women's Studies. For further information on this seminar series please contact Maggie MortThe full list of seminars this term can be downloaded below:

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