19 May 2017
A new Research project has launched Tackling Violence Against Disabled Women and Girls in co-production with housing, mental health and social care services In partnership with Vision Sense and Against Violence and Abuse

Hannah Morgan and Becky Fish are involved in a new project as part of CeDR. CeDR has been awarded a grant by DRILL - Disability Research on Independent Living & Learning (the world's first research grants programme led by disabled people and funded by the Big Lottery) to tackle barriers in services for longer-term safe independent living for disabled or Deaf women who are victim-survivors of violence and abuse.

The purpose of the research is to evidence the following - What do disabled women want from services to help them stay safe in the medium and longer term after violence and abuse? What can service providers learn from serious case investigations to prevent violence and abuse? How can mental health, social care and housing providers improve longer term services for disabled women? How can services work together to create safer and more inclusive communities for disabled women 16 years and over?

We will undertake a literature review to learn and share what works longer term in housing and services after abuse of disabled women and girls, a thematic review of Serious Case/Safeguarding Adults Reviews and Preventable Death Reports to learn lessons about safeguarding disabled/Deaf adults and the gender dimensions of violence and abuse. As well as surveys and interviews with disabled/Deaf women who are victim-survivors, policy makers and housing health and social care providers. The project will produce a toolkit and e-learning for policy makers and service providers and a conference to share learning and recommendations with victim-survivors, policy makers and professionals.