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  • speculative research
  • Request for Literature: ‘What is known about the characteristics and vulnerabilities of victims of online-facilitated child sexual abuse and exploitation?’

    The Department of Sociology at Lancaster University has been commissioned by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) to provide a review of the most up to date research on the characteristics and vulnerabilities of victims of online-facilitated child sexual abuse (CSA).

  • hear me roar

    Call for Papers: Hear Me Roar Symposium: Labour, Class, Protest

    The Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies at Lancaster University invites proposals for papers for its third annual Hear Me Roar symposium.Hear Me Roar! is an annual festival of feminist arts which takes place in four venues across Lancaster, it uniquely brings together professional and community-led artistic activity within a rigorous academic framework.

  • The concept and measurement of violence against women and men

    ‘The Concept and Measurement of Violence against Women and Men’, a new book published today by Policy Press, addresses the extent to which violence against women is currently hidden.

  • Department Officer Nominated for Staff Award

    Department Officer of Sociology nominated for 2017 Staff Award

  • Flags

    Professor Jessop: Plenary Lecture on Marx and Polanyi

    Bob Jessop gave a plenary lecture on "Marx and Polanyi" at the Karl Polanyi Conference in Linz, Austria, on January 11; on 18 January, he gave the keynote speech at the DiscourseNet Winter School in Valencia, Spain.

  • York floods 2c carousel

    Project Shortlisted in Project Excellence

    Lancaster Sociology project "Children, Young People and Flooding, recovery and resilience"has been shortlisted in the Building Resilience category of the Project Excellence Awards.

  • Social Work Student reaches Apprentice of the Year Final

    Claire Austin, a Social Work Postgraduate student has been put through to the final three because of her outstanding contribution to the Women’s Community Matters Center, Barrow while on her placement for her master in Social Work.

  • Call for Papers: Home futures: towards a critical feminist geography of housing, ageing and health

    Home is a complex topic: a social, physical and emotional environment supportive of personal identity that may mitigate isolation and loneliness associated with significant physical and mental health risks in older age. As societies around the world face unprecedented social, economic and political pressures alongside socio-demographic transformations, housing models are evolving and some are proposing citizen-led innovations in social and material design that challenge mainstream ways of doing/living, including women-only senior groups. By providing alternatives to traditional housing development practices and to living alone, these modes of action and living may enhance individual and collective well-being while ageing in place by facilitating forms of mutual-care and companionship alongside independence, empowerment and engagement. They may also generate new power asymetries or exclusions. These developments are not limited to the Global North and span a range of spatial scales and cultural practices. The critical theoretical and empirical questions they raise are only beginning to be explored- and in this session, we want to bring some of these strands of thought together.