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  • An invitation to Lancaster’s Intellectual Party/Summer conference, 26th-27th June 2017.

    This two day event runs from the 26th to 27th of June 2017 and is a fantastic opportunity to meet with research students from around the world, discuss your work in a friendly and encouraging environment and engage with some of Lancaster’s renowned academic staff. The Intellectual Party is more than just another conference – it combines academic challenge with a lot of fun as well!

  •  Photograph: Bradley L Garrett

    Attack on the drones: the creeping privatisation of our urban airspace By Dr Bradley L Garrett and Dr Adam Fish

    We woke up before dawn and caught the first train to Waterloo, so we could capture some aerial footage in the early morning London light with no one around. We were interested in using a drone to get a vantage point that no rooftop could offer, looking down on the under-renovation South Bank Tower.

  • Extreme storms warning

    Storms worse than Storm Desmond could happen in the next decade, the floods boss of the Environment Agency told an audience at Lancaster University

  • sociologyambassadors

    The Lancaster Experience

    We asked three of our undergraduate student ambassadors who are finishing their undergraduate studies this summer to reflect on their life at Lancaster. This is what they had to say:

  • gold medal

    Media and Cultural Studies student wins Chancellor's Medal Award

    Congratulations to A In Kwon who has been awarded the Chancellors Medal for exceptional academic performance.

  • Pilkington Teaching Award

    We are pleased to hear that sociology and media studies lecturer Dr. Adam Fish has been awarded a Staff Award in the “Pilkington Teaching” category for 2016. The award celebrates Adam's “innovative, energetic, and enthusiastic teaching and the transformative effect it has had on Sociology’s undergraduate provision.”

  • Mobile, Networked, Collaborative PPDR: How to Make IT Good?

    Monika Buscher, Katrina Petersen (Centre for Mobilities Research) and Catherine Easton (Law School) are organising a workshop on ethical, legal and social issues in Public Protection and Disaster Relief at the 2016 Public Safety Communications (PSCE) Conference in Brussels, in collaboration with Lina Jasmontaite and the SecInCoRe and EPISECC projects.

  • 6th Annual Postgraduate Science and Technology Studies Conference

    The Department of Sociology and the Centre for Science Studies at Lancaster University hosted the 6th annual postgraduate science and technology studies (STS) conference from Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd March 2016, gratefully funded by the ESRC North West DTC and the Faculty for Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster. Once again, we were delighted to involve students and staff reviewers from across the North West DTC area.

  • The Problem of Increasing Automation in Weapon Systems

    Professor Lucy Suchman has participated in two events examining the problem of increasing automation in weapon systems.