Carolynne Lord

PhD student

Exploring (un)sustainable growth of digital technologies in the home
Bates, O., Lord, C., Knowles, B., Friday, A., Clear, A., Hazas, M. 7/09/2015 In: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S). Atlantis Press

Demand in my pocket: mobile devices and the data connectivity marshalled in support of everyday practice
Lord, C., Hazas, M., Clear, A., Bates, O., Morley, J., Friday, A. 04/2015 In: CHI '15 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. New York : ACM p. 2729-2738. 10 p.

Catch my drift?: achieving comfort more sustainably in conventionally heated buildings
Clear, A., Friday, A., Hazas, M., Lord, C. 2014 In: DIS '14 Proceedings of the 2014 conference on Designing interactive systems. New York : ACM p. 1015-1024. 10 p.