26 June 2017
In 2050 I will still be working at the age of 51, nowhere near retirement. I will be living with my family in a very urbanized area, as barely anyone lives outside of a city anymore & there are not many rural places left due to development from housing demand & increasing population.

Our house is only small as we have only managed to get onto the housing ladder and we will not be able to move for many years after. I only have two children as we are unable to afford anymore and we will potentially be unable to send them to university due to the extortionate prices.

Most people have robots to help in the home, to do the housework to free up the owners’ time. Most of the food available is genetically modified & so hardly any fresh natural food is sold, therefore putting most farms out of business. The NHS no longer exists so healthcare is very expensive, and I am worried about the cost for when I am older and need help.

There is a very visible gap between the rich and poor in society, with the rich in lavish houses and many homeless people in the streets. On our high streets, there are no longer independent shops, only large international brands, but even so most shopping is done online.

Virtual reality has become a large part out lives: being used in the workplace and in schools to teach children instead of textbooks. Less learning is needed though because no one needs to learn how to drive – I own a self-driving car like everyone else so it is easy to get around & travel far. However, it is more difficult to travel abroad as due to past political movements and referenda; we are unable to travel freely to other countries and must complete lots of forms and tests to be allowed entry. Friendships and connections will all be mainly technologically based – most people do not meet up face to face now as they can ‘hang out’ in virtual reality worlds.

The population of Britain has reached 80 million and so now there are strict immigration rules barring most foreigners from settling here. This has led to increased tension and hostility in the country and therefore intense racism towards certain groups, even though in some big cities they are the majority.

Eleanor Burford, from Petersfield, Hampshire; studying BA History and French