26 June 2017
Worn-out clichés like flying cars or time-machines are not how I imagine the year 2050 will be like. I imagine it will be a time where we rely on technology without the fear of it consuming us. Although almost everyone owns some kind of electronics nowadays, there are worries about how social media is affecting us or how “anti-social” we have become.

I imagine that in the future people will have microchips inserted inside their bodies, able to manage their life a little better. Somehow a smartphone will be considered as a fossil. Children would look at an iPhone like we look at a Gameboy or a tape recorder.

Maybe, just maybe, children will not required to go to school. They will be inserted a microchip inside of them with all the knowledge they need for their lives. Parents can “buy” different kinds of skillsets and insert them in their children. It will no longer take years to learn other languages. Individual talent or determination will not be necessary in the future because we can get whatever we want through this advanced technology.

There is no such thing as privacy; we are all under constant surveillance by the Government. The Government can intervene using the microchip inserted in us, and can “shut us down” whenever they want. Crime rates will be extremely low as it is impossible to hide from the authorities.

The concept of time and space will change drastically. It will not take hours to go from the east to the west. People are travelling at light speed so there will be no more numbing sensations from uncomfortable plane seats. International students like me do not have to wait every other two months just to see their families. They will be able to make it before dinner in Hong Kong and go back to school in Lancaster the next day.

We will be living in a world where no deadly disease is known to humankind. The population will have grown so much people are required to move to another planet that the NASA has discovered. We are not just able to travel to different countries at light speed but also go into the space. No more expensive rockets that takes years to build. Going to space will be as easy as going for grocery shopping in your car. 

But one thing I want the most would be to finally understand how animals communicate. Dogs are literally going to be our best friends. We do not have to slaughter animals for meat; new technologies and genetics have enabled us to make our own ‘meat’. We have the power to reverse the damage we have been doing on the nature, most importantly, fix it. 

I hope by 2050, I won’t be label as deviant as having 5 dogs. I like dogs, I really do. That’s how I imagine my future will be. 

Ashley Chan Lam, from Hong Kong, China; studying BA Sociology