Making student videos

Want to "go viral"?

In the module Viral Video Production students make stuff: tweets, blogs, videos, GIFs, wikis, music mash-ups, photo essays, glitch art, machinima, memes. We become critical makers of new media as well as read cutting-edge scholarship about maker culture. Through workshops and collaborations, students understand how new media is challenging existing forms of culture, politics, law, and business. By the end of the module, students have a Tumblr portfolio that showcases their production skills as well as their theoretical sophistication. Students can use the portfolio to exhibit their competencies to the creative industries or blaze their own path as digital artists and activists.

The videos below provide examples of some of the work completed by past students as a part of this module.

Political Music Video Mashup Vlog

In this vlog, Mae discusses the phenomenon of political music video mashups.

Political Music Video Mashup

This political music video mashup by Mae questions who is included in political discourses.

GIFs Vlog

In this vlog, Vikki discusses her understandings of GIF history, uses, and technologies.

Reflective video essay

In this reflective video essay, Hayley discusses autonomy and control in the making of digital content.