Darren Carr

Joining the team from the local Lancashire Wolverines, Darren was snapped up as the head coach almost immediately, a defensive minded coach he inspires the whole squad to achieve their goal: Win.

Chris Plant

Offensive Coordinator, Chris has really stepped up in the coaching capacity this year and controls the offence.

Sam Bloomfield

Wide Receiver Coordinator Also joining from the Wolverines, this Great British Lion has helped install a special mentallity into the Wide Recievers who now know that the game isn't all about catching the ball...

David Carter

Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach, DC is a Bombers Alum ('07), and has move into Head Defensive Coordinator.

Chris Bradley

Offensive/Defensive Line Assistant, Chris has joined from the Wolverines and takes both the Offensive and Defensive lines building them into a force to be reckoned with

AJ Carr (Mini Taz)

Don't underestimate this little mastermind. His knowledge of the game far excedes his tender years, bringing a fresh approach to the game, his advice and support is invaluable!

The Bombers coaching staff would also like to thank key veteran players who have stepped up to work with individual groups and nurture rookie players. Without pointing out any particular names, you know who you are... And Thank You!


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