Competition News

--> Roses 2013

A big congratulations to the men's 1st team who soundly defeated York mens 1sts team at Roses this year. Men's 2nds and women's 1sts team lost despite putting up an excellent fight. Next year Roses will be the 50th anniversary and it is at home so it should be legendary!

--> BUCS League 2012/2013

Men’s First: Despite having a shaky season and coming up against some tough competition from the new league arrivals Newcastle Men’s 1st team, the LUFC men’s 1st team managed to maintain their place in the league as well as laying a great foundation from new players and a new training regime that leaves our team poised for promotion next year.

Women’s First: After loosing some of their most high profile players, the LUFC women’s first team performed well in what was more of a transitional season then one for title contention. Special mention goes to Captain Bethan Jones who often had to fence all 3 weapons at most matches and lead the team by example managing a positive indicator in every match she fenced!


--> BUCS Individuals 2013

2013 was a special year for LUFC as one of its fencers, John Simmons, came 3rd in the 2013 BUCS individuals competition in Sheffield, holding off competition from Imperial, Oxford and Durham.