Although the Club is more than happy to supply beginners with kit, after a while we would recommend, as we're sure you'll agree, that you may wish to begin to acquire your own. We understand that this can be expensive, especially on a student budget, and so we have devised the following recommended purchasing order:

(List subject to change)

  1. Glove/Socks/Trainers
  2. 350 Newton (Minimum) Breeches (Required to fence any weapon other than non-electric foil)
  3. 350 Newton (Minimum) Jacket
  4. 800 Newton Underplastron
  5. 350 Newton (Minimum) Mask
  6. Weapon of your choice x 2, plus appropriate bodywires x 2
  7. Lamé, any weapon specific equipment
  8. Kit Bag (whenever you find it appropriate)

Please note when buying equipment that it must conform to the British Fencing Safety Guidelines. If you are unsure about these, particularly if you are considering purchasing any second hand kit or from eBay or any other auction sites, please ask a member of the exec before making your purchase. If you are found to be in possession of kit that is not up to standard, you will not be permitted to use this to fence.

Equipment suppliers

The following selection of suppliers are listed in alphabetical order; for opinions and/or recommendations, please ask one of the exec.


LUFC is a member of the British Fencing Association.

LUFC is sponsored by The Plough Inn at Galgate.