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Last updated 5/5/2015

Islam Awareness Week 2011

Photos: Available here.

Slides & Video recordings: Use the following links to watch or download the talks.

Speaker Sh. Amer Jamil
Title "What was Prophet Muhammad really like?"
Speaker Dr. Chris Allen
Title "Who is afraid of Islamophobia?"
Speaker Leon Moosavi
Title "Why are so many Britons converting to Islam?"
Download Slides
Speaker Adam Deen
Title "The purpose of life"



Islam Awareness Week 2010

Photos: Available here.

Audio & Video recordings: Use the following links to listen to, watch or download the talks.

Speaker Dr. Sharif Kaf Al-Ghazal
Title "Islamic Medicine - A Light in the Dark Ages!"
Download Audio
Speaker Dr. Salim Aydüz
Title "Muslim Contributions to Modern Civilisation"
Download AudioSlides  Watch promo video on Facebook or YouTube
Speaker Yvonne Ridley
Title "Yvonne Captured by Islam"
Download AudioVideo
Speaker Hamza Tzortzis
Title "Can We Live Better Lives Without Religion?"
Watch Coming soon
Speaker Adam Deen
Title "The Dawkins Delusion"
Download Video

Islam Awareness Week 2010 was sponsored by Imran's Buffet and The Sultan of Lancaster Experience.



Islam Awareness Week 2009

Talk on "Is Islam a Violent Religion?"
By Ajmal Masroor; London Imam and broadcaster, featured on ITV’s ‘The Muslim Jesus’ and Channel 4’s ‘Make Me a Muslim’. More information here.
Monday February 16, 18:00-19:30, Faraday Lecture Theatre, Faraday Building

Talk on "Does God Exist? An Islamic Perspective"
By Hamza Tzortzis; lecturer, author and international speaker. More information here.
Tuesday February 17, 18:00-19:30, Cavendish Lecture Theatre, Faraday Building

Mosque Open-Evening, Curry Dinner & Talk on "Why Muslims Care About Palestine"
By Bashar Takruri
Wednesday February 18, 18:00 onwards, Islamic Prayer Rooms

Talk on "Man-Made Woman? Women & Islam"
By Raana Bokhari; PhD student, Religious Studies Department, Lancaster University & Qualified Muslim Chaplain.
Thursday February 19, 18:30-20:00, Cavendish Lecture Theatre, Faraday Building

Talk on "Islam & the West: Where’s the Problem?"
By Idris Tawfiq; author, teacher and former priest. More information here.
Friday February 20, 18:30-20:00, Cavendish Lecture Theatre, Faraday Building

Photos: Available here.

Audio recordings: Use the following links to listen to or download the talks.

Download: http://www.archive.org/details/LUiSocIAW2009


Islam Awareness Week 2009 was sponsored by Pizzetta Republic, The Sultan of Lancaster Experience, Imran's Restaurant, Islamic Relief and FOSIS.



Islam Awareness Week 2008

Photos: Available here.

Title: BBC Radio Cumbria interviewed Br. Reza Moosavi (president of the Lancaster University Islamic Society) to talk about Islam Awareness Week. Interview date: 3rd of March 2008. Download here:

Title: Women Interpreting The Qur'an
Speaker: Dr. Shuruq Naguib (Religious Studies Department, Lancaster University)

Title: Jesus in Islam
Speaker: Shiekh Abu Sondous (founding member, Muslim Association of Britain)

Title: Is Sharia Law Compatible with Britain?
Speaker: Ajmal Masroor (London imam and broadcaster, featured on ITV’s “The Muslim Jesus” and Channel 4’s “Make Me a Muslim")

Title: Multiculturalism: An Islamic Perspective
Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Seddon (Department of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Chester)

Mosque Open Day
Speaker: Br. Asad Zaman



"Everything You Wanted to Know About Islam But Were Too Afraid to Ask!"

By Reza Moosavi, Lancaster University Islamic Society

On Friday 1st December the Lancaster University Islamic Society hosted Dr. Mohammad S. Seddon to give a talk entitled "Everything you wanted to Know about Islam but Were Too Afraid to Ask!”.

Dr. Seddon obtained his PhD from Lancaster University and now lectures in the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK at the Cardiff University School of Religious & Theological Studies. The event was a big success with more than 150 people attending to listen to Dr. Seddon’s talk, question him about a range of issues and enjoy a delicious curry, rice and sweets afterwards. After recent claims that universities are breeding grounds for Islamic extremism, the Islamic Society felt it necessary to deliver such an event for a chance to explain the basic tenants of Islam and give an opportunity for an open Q&A session to be undertaken. Since the day of the event coincided with World Aids Day the Islamic Society made a collection during the event of which the proceeds will be donated to charities working in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Seddon explained the principle of Islam as being the belief in one God. He went on to explain how Allah is the name for God that even Arab Christians use and that for Muslims, Mohammad (pbuh) was the final prophet in a series of many prophets which included Adam, Moses, Noah, and Jesus (pbut). He then discussed the ‘five pillars’ of Islam; the belief in one God and the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), prayer, charity, fasting during the month of Ramadan and pilgrimage to Mecca to perform Hajj. He finished his talk with a brief explanation of the term jihad, correcting the misconceptions that jihad is about killing non-Muslims or forcing them to accept Islam, as he quoted the verse from the Holy Qur’an which says “There is no compulsion in religion” (2: 256) meaning nobody can force another person to accept Islam, as it is everyone’s choice as to which religion, if any at all, they want to choose. He correctly informed the audience that jihad means no more than ‘struggle’ and that the biggest jihad is for us to control our ego – or inner desires, although sometimes I feel like my many assignments are my greatest jihad!

The Q&A session was very lively. There was no holding back as Dr. Seddon set the tone by telling everyone not to be shy to ask anything they wished, and that they have a right to know anything they want about Islam as there are no secrets or taboos. Questions were as frank as ‘are women oppressed in Islam?’ and ‘if Islam means peace, why are there so many wars in the Middle East and why are there so many Muslim extremists?’. Other questions included ‘why don’t Muslims eat pork?’ and ‘is there a role for mysticism within Islam?’. Dr. Seddon provided stimulating answers for all the questions, which was supposed to only last for 30 minutes, but due to the many hands in the audience desperate to have their question answered it went on for close to 1 hour, and there was still at least 15 hands in the air when we had to stop – so sorry to all of those who couldn’t have their questions answered! The evening was finished with all of us queuing for the delicious food, with a good atmosphere where many Muslims and non-Muslims came together in the spirit of open-mindedness to listen to each other and get to know each other. The feedback from the event was excellent. Angela Gelston of the Educational Research Department said “I didn't know anything about Islam before the talk. Thank you for enlightening me. I think Islam is a very gentle religion with many wonderful qualities. All of my questions were answered. The food was great, and the people I met were happy and helpful” and Emily Plater of the Cultural Research Department said “I had a great time at the meeting on Friday. I learnt a lot from the talk and felt that there was a great atmosphere of peace. The food also was wonderful! Thank you so much for putting the event on and feeding me in many ways”. After receiving feedback like this the Islamic Society hopes to hold similar events in the future to help bridge the gaps that all too many media establishments and politicians (both Muslim and non-Muslim) seem to enjoy creating.



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