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Last updated 5/5/2015

Living in Lancaster

If there are any information you think we should include, please let us know by emailing us at islamicsoc@lancaster.ac.uk




Masjid Al-Noor

Address: Fenton Street
Opposite the Post Office Parcel Sorting Office
Tel: 01524 64131

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All UK banks give interest (Riba). Unless you specifically tell them when you open your account that you do not want to receive it. It is better for students to avoid confusion of any kind by opening a Current Account and specifying that you do not want interest. (Most banks pay interest on some current accounts unless they are told otherwise). Some banks, however, do offer Islamic banking options. These include Islamic Bank of Britain, HSBC, and Lloyds TSB.
If you are unsure about why you should not receive interest please refer to Surah 2 ayahs 275 - 280 and surah 3 ayah 130 or see a reliable scholar in Islam for further proofs.

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Halal Food

As Muslims we must be careful what we eat, especially in non-Muslim countries. Many products contain haram substances such as animal extracts (fats gelatine glycerine etc). These extracts may come from pigs or animals which have not been slaughtered according to Islamic Rites. Take care when you buy things by reading the label and do not think that because it is suitable for vegetarians it's automatically ok, check the ingredients because vegetarians can drink alcohol and some products may contain alcohol such as pre cooked dinners. All jellies contain gelatine except jelly crystals and quick set jellies. Watch out for sweets too. Always read the labels.

Alternatively, you can visit www.halal.co.uk these are just hints and tips and you are always urged to use your own discretion. Jazakallah khair.

Meat Stores and Online Outlets

MAJAE STORES: Sells halal meat chicken burgers etc, and oriental spices. The shop is near the town centre in Blade St. If you take the bus to town get of at King St. Walk to Waterstones book shop (End of King St at traffic lights) and turn left. Continue walking taking the third turning on your left Wheatfield St. Go to the end of this street and Blade St is the first street on your right.

CITIES NEARBY: If you prefer to see your meat cut for you and you have the means to travel, you may like to visit Preston or Manchester where you will find many shops selling Halal meat and various other Oriental and Middle Eastern products. Recommended stores:

ONLINE: The following website offers a delivery service of halal meat Halal2Go [.pdf].

Restaurants and Takeaways

>> On Campus:

In April/May 2008 the Islamic Society conducted a survey of all food outlets on campus to update the information about where halal meat can be found.

Below, in alphabetical order, are the results.

Sells halal meat? Which meat is halal? Meat supplier Certificate present?
Fylde Coffee Shop Yes Chicken KLT Dairies, Preston No
Global Café (Chaplaincy Centre) Yes Chicken Lucky Red, Manchester No
Pizzetta Republic Yes From the restaurant: All pizzas, kebabs and burgers

From the café: All except ‘coronation chicken’ and ‘sliced turkey’
Venus Foods, Manchester
Khanjra International Foods, Blackburn
Nazeer, Preston
Spar Yes Some raw meat & chicken (labelled) Brendan Anderton Butchers Ltd, Preston Claimed so, but didn't produce
Sultan of Lancaster Experience
Under new management (21/9/2009)
Yes Everything Gafoor Poultry, KQF Yes, from HMC
The Venue Coffee Shop Yes Some of the sandwiches (labelled) Brambles Sandwich Company No
Wibbly Wobbly Yes Chicken Direct Poultry Services No

The following food outlets reported that they did not sell halal food although all offer vegetarian options:

>> Off Campus:

IMRAN's BUFFET: 18 KING ST. (Tel. 01524 66010).
A buffet serving chicken Tikkas and lamb Kebabs, vegetable/meat Samosas and rolls, poppadums, chicken/lamb in Pulao/Biryani Style, etc.

NICE N' SPICY: 2 LOWER CHURCH ST. An Indian take-away serving a varied menu at reasonable prices. There is a delivery service

BIG BITE: 106, PENNY ST, (Tel: 01524 847777)
A place for a variety of dishes from Donar Kebabs , Pitza, Chicken, Fish to name but a few from their menu. They have a delivery service free for orders over 6.00.

ITALIAN JOB: 1, ROSEMARY LANE(Tel: 01524 382399)
Pizza delivery and takeaway.

If you want a special halal meal out or you want to impress someone then this is the place to go. The restaurant does not serve or allow alcohol on its premises so you do not have to worry about compromising yourself with regard to your religious obligations. Internally there is a lot of interest in the decor as the building was formerly a church.

An Indian restaurant providing halal food only, in very nice surroundings and reasonably priced. They also provide a take-away service.

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Economical Shopping

As students, we have to keep an eye on our spending. Following is a list of shops that sell products at reasonable prices.

Aldi: A supermarket that sells good value-for-money items. For example, 1kg of fresh carrots for 39p, carton of fresh orange juice for 79p, and more. Make sure you take your own carrier bags when you go, as they charge you for their bags. Aldi is located just after the Greyhound Bridge on the left hand side of the road as you drive towards Morecambe.

ASDA: A leading supermarket that sells reasonably priced, good quality products. They offer a price promise and 'buy one get one free offers' they also sell fairly cheap petrol with a collection point system, whereby you have a card collect points when you buy petrol and when you have enough points you get a gift voucher for 5 pounds. If you don't have a car, there is a bus service to Asda from the underpass. Asda is on Ovangle Road, first left at the first roundabout on Lancaster road which is the main road to Morecambe.

Wilkinson: Here you will find everything you need for your home (kitchen, bathroom, garden and garage). There are also toiletries, cosmetics, stationery, and greeting cards. Situated in the town centre.

Charity Shops: There are a number of these shops dotted all around the town centre. Here you can pick up a good winter coat for a fraction of the price in a high street store. Be sure to try before you buy and check the quality. One important piece of advice would be to look at where the money you pay will go. For example, research into cancer, heart problems or childhood diseases know no national or religious bounds so it’s ok to buy from them.

Car Boot Sales: Car Boot Sales are events where people load up their cars with items they no longer need and gather together to sell to the public. They are a very popular way of raising funds for schools etc. You will find these events advertised in the local newspapers. They are usually held on Sunday mornings. There is no guarantee with goods bought from a car boot sale, so beware.

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All foreign students attending courses longer than six months are entitled to free medical treatment from the National Health Service (NHS). For more details contact the University Health Centre (Ext.94134). Also check the university's health services page.

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Train and coach information, such as timetables, student and family cards, tickets etc, can be obtained from the LUSU Advice Centre which is located in the LUSU building.

There are frequent buses from the University Underpass to Lancaster, Galgate, Morecambe, Garstang, Preston and Blackpool. View bus timetables here.
East Lancashire Bus timetables here.


All potential car drivers must have a valid driving licence either a British or an International one. If you are learning to drive you must do so with someone who holds a Full British Licence and you must have a Provisional British Licence. It is illegal to drive without insurance. It is perhaps best to speak to brothers /sisters who have cars to find out who its best to insure with. Insuring a car is not cheap, so it pays to shop around.

All cars over three years old must have an MOT to prove it is road worthy, don't by a car over this age unless it has 12 months MOT. The car must be taxed. Contact your local Post Office to find out more.

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Mooreside School & Bowerham School both are within close proximity to the University and are on the bus route.


Assemblies: All children who are not Christians have the right to be withdrawn from religious assemblies & religious educational classes by a written request from the parents.

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There may be times when you need legal advice, for example you may need help to understand tenancy agreements or other legal documents. The Citizens Advice Bureau supply free advice on all matters that may affect the community they are very understanding and helpful and their services are free.

The Citizens Advise Bureau
87 King Street, Lancaster LA1 1RH
Tel: 0870 126 4035

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