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Lancaster University Karate Club

Name: Matthew Bastowmatthew.jpg

Position in club: President

Studying: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Before University I had never done any sort of martial art before and upon arriving at Lancaster I decided that I wanted to try one out. After scouring fresher’s fair and talking to each martial art club, I found Karate in the back corner of the hall. I was going to try out the taster sessions for all the martial arts that I signed up for. However I attended the Karate taster session first and enjoyed it so much that I rejected the other clubs and signed straight up to Karate.

There are many things that make Karate such a great sport for me. The whole ritual and discipline, though it sounds strange, is actually really awesome. I can’t fully understand why I like that bit so much but I just do. Maybe it creates a sense of belonging or something. The exercise and self defence parts of Karate are also part of why Karate is so great and why others may enjoy it too.


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