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Erm.....this photo doesn't actually feature any club members, it just looks cool!

Road cycling isn't just about doing loads of miles to get fit for racing. It's a great way to exercise and explore the area around Lancaster. Cycling improves cardio-vascular fitness, so it can help boost your performance in other sports and improve general health i.e. offset the effects of heavy drinking ;-)

Group rides
We go on a group ride every Wednesday afternoon starting from Campus at about 2pm. We stick to rural routes away from traffic and main roads. How far we go just depends of what people feel like doing.

There is of course a competitive side to the sport. We take part in the BUSA (British Universitys Sports Association) events: hill climb, time trials and road race. The local clubs in the area host regular time trials and races during the season - we've been known to dabble in these...

Keen riders can ride with the Lune Valley RC for longer rides on Sunday mornings and chain-ganging on Tuesday nights.

If you're into cycle touring you'll more than likely come across someone in the club who shares your interest. Two members completed an epic tour from Amsterdam to Florence in 2002...

Here's a few handy road cycling web links...