18 July 2017
The Sports Centre is delighted to be hosting this year’s International Youth Games.

The games, which will take place from Friday 21st July to Monday 24th July, sees young people from four twinned cities (including Lancaster) compete in a variety of different sports.

In early 2016 it looked as though the games would fail to go ahead due to an unexpected budget cut. On hearing this news a group of local sports leaders met and agreed the games were too good an opportunity for local people to let go. The Lancaster International Youth Games Committee was formed, with the main purpose of continuing Lancaster's involvement in the games. 

The Sports Centre is proud to be the main venue for the games this year, and hope Lancaster can continue to be a part of the games for years ahead. 

For more information on the youth games check out their website.  

To facilitate numerous events in the games the Sports Centre swimming pool will be closed during the following periods this weekend:

Friday 21st July - Closed 09:00-12:00

Saturday 22nd July - Closed 08:30-16:30

Sunday 23rd July - Closed 09:30-12:00

Monday 24th July - Closed 08:30-16:30

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.