26 October 2017
Every week we'll be introducing you to a member of our team so you can get to know them a little better, find out what their fitness classes entail and get some handy tips for your health and well-being.

First up we'd like to introduce Laura McConville.

Laura works as a fitness instructor and personal trainer here at the Sports Centre. 

Laura teaches a range of our classes including; Mission to Condition, Firm Arms & Abs, Kettlebell Fitness, Insanity, Get Glutes, Let's Lunge, Reptensity, Power Hour, Hula and Spin. All of Laura's classes involve resistance trainings, a fool-proof method when it comes to creating a strong, stable, athletic physique. Laura says, "The leaner muscle mass the body holds, the more the body will work for you at rest."

So what are Laura's top tips?

  1. Variety is key!
  2. Drink green tea
  3. Increase protein and don't skip carbs

Laura explains, "The body grows as it rests so it's important to get plenty of sleep and let your body recover."

Most of Laura's classes require training gloves and she requests everyone brings a bottle of water to her classes to stay hydrated. Laura is really keen on giving you the correct information so please feel free to ask her any questions after your class or via email. "Your body is your lifestyle."

For a full list of class times please see our Essential Guide. To book a class please contact reception.