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Lancaster City I am writing this text as I am doing the Web-Authoring course run by Olga Falko (ISS), so if it does appear as a live page I have been successful. Olga is a great tutor by the way!!

I joined Lancaster University in 1983 as a Peripatetic Secretary based in the General Office in University House, which no longer exists. I used to be booked out by Department's for holiday and sickness cover, and I worked all over the University in other Departments, College Offices and Administrative Offices. I was only very young, and very shy, but my confidence grew quite quickly. One of my favourite placements was working for Mr Merton Atkins, who I think was an Assistant Registrar (for those who have worked here a long time, you may have a smile on your face now if you remember him, quite a character!). He was a lovely man, always wore a dickey-bow tie and addressed everybody by their formal names (I was Miss Airey to him). I think he quite liked me, as he did use to request me to work with him when his Secretary was away - unless the others in the General Office were having me on, and they didn't want to do it, but I doubt very much that was the case.

I currently work in the Department of Accounting and Finance in the Management School as the Departmental Officer which I have been doing since 1997. Before that I was the Department's Postgraduate Secretary for 10 years, and prior to that I was the Undergraduate Secretary. There have been many changes in the Department over the years, there are three times as many staff, and a lot more students.

Over the past 30 years the lingo has changed too, the table below shows the 'then' and 'now' :

Original name To And then
Refectory Diners  
Buildings Office Estates Facilities
Establishment Office Personnel Services
Indoor Recreation Centre  

any probably many more!

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