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Louise picture
Dr. Louise Connell

Research interests focus on the nature of mental representations, including the grounding of concepts in perceptual information and the interplay between linguistic and embodied simulation systems.


Dermot picture
Dr. Dermot Lynott

Research interests focus on the effect of language, body and environment on mental representation and behaviour, including how embodiment influences higher-level cognitive processing.


Postdoctoral Research Associates

  • James Carney
    Investigating the sensorimotor structure of concepts.

Postgraduate Students

  • Pei Liu
    PhD: Investigating the grounded basis of figurative language.
  • Jess Graham
    MSc+PhD: Investigating how social behaviour is affected by body and environment.

Associates & Collaborators

Been and Gone

  • MPhil 2011-13
  • Research assistant 2011-13
  • Postdoctoral research associate 2011-12
  • Research assistant 2012
  • Research assistant 2011-12
  • PhD 2008-11
  • Research assistant 2011
  • Research assistant 2010