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Most of our research focuses on studying the nature of mental representation, and includes investigations of the grounded nature of concepts, the ability of language, body and environment to shape representation and behaviour, and the interplay of linguistic and simulation systems in human cognition.

Our modality-specific norms of perceptual strength are availablehere.


Frontiers in Cognitive Science: The Role of Body and Environment in Cognition

The Embodied Cognition Lab (Dermot Lynott, Louise Connell) and collaborator (Judith Holler) have recently edited a special issue of Frontiers in Cognitive Science on the research topic The Role of Body and Environment in Cognition.

We are inviting papers that explore the question of how our bodies and the environment influence cognition, such as how we mentally represent the world around us, understand language, reason about abstract concepts, make judgements and decisions, and interact with objects and other people. Full details of the 26 articles publishes as part of the special issue are available on the Frontiers website.


Projects Past & Present

  • Funded by the Australian Research Council, with support from Victoria Department of Health and the Australian Drug Foundation (O'Brien, Lynott, et al.)
  • Funded by the Leverhulme Trust (Connell & Holler)
  • Funded by the British Academy (Connell & Lynott)
  • Funded by the ESRC (Connell & Lynott)
  • Funded by the ESRC (Connell)