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Thom Bleasdale is Slow Riot Records. In April 2010 Slow Riot released it's first vinyl (& CD R) album - a post rock wonder called Into The Comet. Preview Into the Comet (Slow Riot 01) by Day For Airstrikes. The Slow Riot collective will re-commence putting on gigs at the Yorkshire House in the summer of 2010. Thom is also in various bands which are yet to commit their sound to ones ans zeros (record).

Mary Bleasdale works in Worthing as a teacher. In the past Mary has been involved in various projects, some of which are:

In December 1999 my brother-in-law contracted Pneumococcal Septicaemia and as a result suffered quadruple amputations.
Read about Tom Ray's progress here.


I like lots of different types of music. But I don't generally find music based home pages interesting, however...

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