Conversations with an economist     

In general, economists are not held in high regard. From media reports,
their successes are few and economic problems are rife. Are economists
the root cause and are they merely the messengers? After his execution
in 399 BC, followers of Socrates wrote dialogues (‘conversations’)
around his concepts. Suppose economics were similarly represented.
Would such conversations place economics in any better light?

‘Why do economists disagree?’


‘What is economic philosophy?’   


‘Why are economic forecasts unreliable?’     


‘What is unemployment?’      


‘What is inflation?’      


‘What is Say’s Law?’   


‘When is the balance of payments a problem?’


‘What are rational expectations?’   


‘What is Monetarism?’      


‘What is Money?’      


‘What is the National Debt?’


‘When does the National Debt pose a problem?’


‘What is Goodhart’s Law?’   


‘What is opportunity cost?’  


‘What is capital?’      


‘What is demand elasticity?’     


‘What is rent seeking?’