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Welcome to Forton Out of School Club

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Forton Out of School Club (FOSC) provides a centre for before and after school care for children in primary education. Children and staff value one another and work together to create a happy club where social interactions and good fun are enjoyed by all.

Aims of the Club

  • Provide accessible and affordable childcare catering for all primary age children throughout the area
  • Provide a variety of activities including art, crafts, sports, games, cookery, quizzes etc
  • Encourage self-esteem, self awareness and self confidence
  • Encourage children to form positive relationships and to communicate effectively with other children and adults
  • Encourage respect of other people's feelings, values, beliefs and property
  • Encourage children to participate fully in the club as well as family life
  • Celebrate their own and others achievements and effort
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their club by caring for one another and sharing and taking care of the equipment
  • Encourage children to welcome new members and show them the ropes eg where to hang coats etc



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