Algebra, Combinatorics, Measure

Organizers: Gabor Elek, Łukasz Grabowski, Tony Nixon
Contact: Ł.G.

Seminar is on Mondays, usually at 1PM in B35.

This is a research seminar with both internal and external speakers. Topics covered might include, but are by no means limited to, group rings of infinite groups, l2l^2-invariants, appoximations of infinite groups (for example sofic groups), asymptotic and measured group theory, graph rigidity, discrete geometry, Borel and measurable combinatorics, graph limits, interactions between algebra/combinatorics and operator algebras, probability, etc.

next seminar
The next seminar is in 20 days (Oct 16) at 13:00 in B35:
Sean Prendiville (Manchester) - Rado's criterion over higher powers.

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Oct 16 13:00 B35
Sean Prendiville (Manchester) - Rado's criterion over higher powers.
Oct 23 13:00 B35
Yemon Choi (Lancaster) - TBA
Oct 30 13:00 B35
Nov 06 13:00 B35
Nov 13 13:00 B35
Nov 20 13:00 B35
Konrad Królicki (Lancaster) - TBA
Nov 27 13:00 B35
Dec 04 13:00 B35
Martin Finn-Sell (Vienna) - TBA


Oct 16 13:00 B35
Sean Prendiville (Manchester) - Rado's criterion over higher powers.

In Ramsey theory, Schur's theorem states that however one colours the positive integers with finitely many colours, there always exists a solution to the equation x+y = z in which each variable receives the same colour. Rado completely characterised which linear equations possess this property and which do not. We discuss analogues of these results for certain non-linear Diophantine equations.