Library Resources / Online Databases

Most of the books you will need for this course are to be found in the History collection (on the first floor, in the purple zone), in the Religion section (on the second floor, in the yellow zone), or in the Classics section (on the second floor, in the green zone).

Note also, however, that the contents of many major journals can now be consulted online via various electronic databases to which the library subscribes. These databases, which allow many students to read the same article at the same time, can be accessed from terminals across the campus. Go to Click on the name of the database (e.g. ‘JSTOR’), then select browse, and scroll down the list of journals to find the relevant title and issue. Various databases – such as ‘Zetoc’ – also provide indices to the contents of journals. One potential confusion with this evolving technology is that of figuring out which journals are on which databases. One of the best starting points is that provided by ‘MetaLib’, which brings together a variety of finding aids geared to the resources available through the University Library.

Please treat Library books with care and respect. Remember that the resources of the library are there for the whole university community to use, now and in the future. Be considerate: replace books in their right place on the shelves; return them to the library as soon as you have finished with them; and on no account deface library books by writing on them or in any other way. The practice of underlining passages is both distracting and a hindrance to partially-sighted readers whose scanning machines cannot cope with defaced pages.

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