2. Books of General Relevance

Useful Reference Works

  • Abulafia, D. et al. (eds.), The New Cambridge Medieval History, 7 vols. in 8 pts. (Cambridge, 1995-2005). MB. Volumes *1, *2 + *3, covering 500-1024, have many good essays which are relevant to the themes discussed in this course.
  • Bowman, A., A. M. Cameron and Peter Garnsey (eds), The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 12, The Crisis of Empire, AD 193-337 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005).
  • Cameron, A. M., and P. Garnsey (eds), The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 13, The Late Empire, A.D. 337-425 (Cambridge, 1998). LI.
  • Cameron, A. M., B. Ward-Perkins, M. Whitby (eds), The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 14, Late Antiquity: Empire and Successors, AD 425-600 (Cambridge, 2001). LI.*
  • Bury, W. B., H. M. Gwatkin and J. P. Whitney (eds), The Cambridge Medieval History, 8 vols. (Cambridge, 1911-38); vol. 4, rev. ed., by J. M. Hussey, 2 pts. (Cambridge, 1967). MB.
  • Cross, F. L. (ed.), The Oxford Dictionary of the Church (3rd ed., Oxford, 1997). PN1. This dictionary and other OUP reference texts can now be consulted online via Oxford Reference Online, a database which can be accessed (on campus) from the library's e-journals webpage (http://libweb.lancs.ac.uk/online.htm).
  • Boyd, K., Encyclopaedia of Historians and Historical Writing, 2 vols. (London, 1999). Extremely useful for its essays on important historians such as George Duby, Edward Gibbon, and so on. LI.
  • Gerli, E. M. (ed.), Medieval Iberia: An Encyclopedia (New York, 2003). +MQB1.
  • Helle, K. (eds.), The Cambridge history of Scandinavia, vol. 1, Prehistory to 1520 (Cambridge, 2003). MO.
  • Jeep, J. M. (ed.), Medieval Germany, An Encyclopedia (New York, 2001). +MHB1.
  • Kibler, W. and G. A. Zinn (ed.), Medieval France, An Encyclopaedia (New York, 1995). +MSB1.
  • Pulsiano, P., and K. Wolf (eds.), Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopaedia (New York, 1993). +MO.P.
  • Mackay, A., and D. Ditchburn, Atlas of Medieval Europe (London, 1997). MB18.
  • Matthew, D., Atlas of Medieval Europe (Oxford, 1983). MB18.
  • Noble, T. F. X., and J. M. H. Smith (eds), Cambridge History of Christianity, vol. 3, c.600-c.1100 (Cambridge, 2008). PO.
  • Haywood, J., The Cassell Atlas of the Medieval World, AD 600-1492 (London, 1998). L13.
  • New Catholic Encyclopaedia, 18 vols. (New York, 1967-89). PR1. Extremely useful: the older (and some say, better) version of the Catholic Encyclopaedia which it was produced to replace may now be consulted via the internet: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/.
  • Shephard, J. (ed.), The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire (Cambridge, 2009). LW.
  • Vauchez, A., B. Dobson and M. Lapidge (ed.), Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, 2 vols. (Cambridge, 2000). MB1.

Useful Collections of Primary Sources

  • Dutton, P. E. (ed.), Carolingian Civilization: A Reader (Peterborough, Ontario, 1993) - a very useful collection of primary sources. MSD
  • Herlihy, D. (ed.), The History of Feudalism (New York, 1970). MBT
  • King, P. D. (ed.), Charlemagne: Translated Sources (Kendall, 1987). MSDC
  • Loyn, H. R., and J. Percival (ed.), The Reign of Charlemagne, Documents on Carolingian Government and Administration (London, 1975). MSDC
  • Mathisen, R. W. (ed. and trs.), People, Personal Expression and Social Relations in Late Antiquity, 2 vols. (Ann Arbor, MI, 2003). LVL.H
  • McNamara, J. A., and J. E. Halborg with E. G. Whatley (trs.), Sainted Women of the Dark Ages (Durham, NC, 1992). PN.C
  • Murray, A. C. (ed.), From Roman to Merovingian Gaul: A Reader (Peterborough, Ontario, 2000). MSBB7. Includes many important texts.
  • Rosenwein, B. H. (ed.), Reading the Middle Ages: Sources from Europe, Byzantium and the Islamic World (Peterborough, Ontario, 2006). MB7.
  • Talbot, C. H. (trs.), Anglo-Saxon Missionaries in Germany (New York, 1954). POk.B. A collection of lives of the various missionaries.

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