Childeric, king of Tournai (d. 486)

Hist213: Warlords and Holy Men - The Rise of Western Christendom, c.450-1025

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Dr Paul Hayward (Course Convenor).


A. Introduction

B. Schedule

C. Reading Lists

  1. Core Reading
  2. Books of General Relevance
  3. Narrative Histories
  4. Studies of Political Practice
  5. Social / Economic History
  6. Religious / Intellectual History

D. Seminar Topics. These pages provide links to seminar documents and readings.

  1. The Economic and Social Crisis of the Sixth Century
  2. Earlier Merovingian Kingship, c. 490-600
  3. Gregory of Tours and the Cult of Saints
  4. High Merovingian Queenship
  5. Later Merovingian Politics
  6. Louis the Pious and the 'Field of Lies'
  7. The Impact of the Vikings on the Frankish Kingdoms
  8. Henry I and the Magyar Invasions
  9. Ottonian Kingship as Seen Through the Eyes of Thietmar of Merseburg
  10. Aquitaine during the Reign of Duke William V (993-1030)

E. Essay Topics

F. How to Write a Good History Essay

G. Past Examinations