B. Schedule, 2008-2009

Week Date Topic
1 9 October LECTURE: Introduction
    A. Political and Social Foundations, c.450-600
  10 October LECTURE 1: Roman Gaul on the Eve of Imperial Meltdown (to c.450)
2 16 October LECTURE 2: The Making of the Franks
  17 October LECTURE 3: Frankish Society in the Sixth Century
3 23 October LECTURE 4: Merovingian Kingship in the Sixth Century
    SEMINAR I: The Economic and Social Crisis of the Sixth Century
4 30 October LECTURE 5: The Gallo-Roman Aristocracy under Merovingian Rule
    SEMINAR II: Earlier Merovingian Kingship, c.480-600
    B. Religious Foundations, c.450-600
5 6 November LECTURE 1: Fifth-/Sixth-Christianity and Christianization
  7 November LECTURE 2: The Development of Monasticism in Gaul to c.600
6 13 November LECTURE 3: The Cult of Saints
    SEMINAR III: Gregory of Tours and the Cult of Saints
    C. From the Merovingians to the Carolingians, c.600-800
7 21 November LECTURE 1: Seventh-Century Kingship [NB: this is a Friday lecture!]
    SEMINAR IV: High Merovingian Queenship
8 27 November LECTURE 2: The New Politics of the Late Seventh Century
    SEMINAR V: Later Merovingian Politics
9 4 December LECTURE 3: The Pippinid/Carolingian Takeover of Frankia, 687-751
  5 December LECTURE 4: The Religious Politics of the Rise of the Pippinids / Carolingians
10 11 December LECTURE 5: The Papacy, International Relations and the Coup d'état of 751
  12 December LECTURE 6: From the Coup d'état of 751 to the Imperial Coronation of Charlemagne in 800
  12 December ESSAY DUE
    Christmas Vacation
    D. The Decline and Fall of the Carolingian Empire, c.800-900
1 15 January LECTURE 1: The Eighth-Century Background to the Viking Phenomenon
  16 January LECTURE 2: Louis the Pious and the 'Christian Empire', c.800-843
2 22 January LECTURE 3: The Viking Raids, c.810-950
    SEMINAR VI: Louis the Pious and the 'Field of Lies'
3 29 January LECTURE 4: The Disintegration of the Carolingian Empire, c.840-900
    SEMINAR VII: The Impact of the Vikings on the Frankish Kingdoms
    E. The Kingdom of the Eastern Franks, c.828-1025
4 5 February LECTURE 1: The Kingdom of Louis the German, 828-c.900
  6 February LECTURE 2: The Magyar Crisis and the Eastern Front, c.888-1000
5 12 February LECTURE 3: Eastern Frankia under the Earlier Ottonians, 936-83
    SEMINAR VIII: Henry I and the Magyar Invasions
6 19 February LECTURE 4: The Ottonians and the Imperial Idea, c.950-1024
    SEMINAR IX: Ottonian Kingship as Seen Through the Eyes of Thietmar of Merseburg
7 26 February LECTURE 5: Henry II (1002-24) and the End of the Ottonian Dynasty
    F. The Feudal Revolution in Western Frankia, c.880-1025
  27 February LECTURE 1: The Rise of the Princes and the Castellans, c.880-1000
8 5 March LECTURE 2: The Search for Stability, c.950-1025
    SEMINAR X: Aquitaine during the Reign of Duke William V (993-1030)
9 12 March LECTURE 3: Monasticism in the Midst of the Feudal Revolution, c.880-1025
  13 March LECTURE 4: Lordship, Family and Marriage in the Tenth Century
10 19 March LECTURE: The Slow Decline of the Roman Empire or the Making of a New Civilisation?
  20 March ESSAY DUE
    Easter Vacation
1 30 April Revision Class (i.e. that is, the return of the second essay and essential advice about the content of the Examination!)

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