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I am Professor and Director of Environmental Informatics at Lancaster University. My personal research within the centre focuses on novel approaches to the monitoring and analysis of sedimentary and ecological process dynamics. Key themes are a) obtaining greater sampling densities via sensor networks, smart sensors, and consumer technology assisted citizen science, and b) generating computational tools that assist analysis and decision making based on the large data volumes obtained. The findings have important applications in coastal, catchment, biodiversity and infrastructure management. I am also interested more generally in the use of new technology to assist with sustainable development.

I am currently involved with a range of projects including PROSEN (applying intelligent sensor networks to wind farm management), DIAS (systems engineering for environmental sensor networks), NEPTUNE (sustainable management of water distribution systems) and TRAMSNOD (sensor network traffic) and a NERC funded activity developing an infrastructure for monitoring hydrological and sedimentary processes at Great Crowden Brook in the Peak District. I am also a participant in the ARC funded ISSNIP network, which has similar interests and a member of the advisory panel for the VESEL project (sensor net for agriculture in Kenya).

I was previously the Technical director of the DTI funded Nextwave research centre Envisense which investigated pervasive ad-hoc sensor networks for environmental and geohazard applications. Within the centre I managed the SECOAS project, which focused on monitoring sediment dynamics at Scroby Sands near Great Yarmouth.

Most of my publications are available in pdf format from the bibliography. More recent stuff will get added sometime soon.

This page has some links to more details if you are interested. In particular, if you would like to join in with this work please let me know.



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