The first SECOAS Trial

6 sensor packages were deployed in Sept-Oct 2004 for 2 weeks, to test the radios, sensors and control electronics, and collect training data for the intelligence algorithms. The packages used a self-organising multihop wireless network (174MHz) with a max. hop length of 3km (to shore) and a max sea to sea range of 500m. A further 3 month trial is planned for summer 2005. This second trial will implement intelligent sampling behaviours.

Scroll down for more pictures - measurement samples are here

The six radios supplied by University of Essex with their batteries.

One of the radio Buoys being launched (by Chris Roadknight from BT exact).

The seabed package just before launch. The sensors, battery and microcontroller are in the stainless steel cylinder. The cable conveys data to the radio buoy.



The buoy in the sea - the white pole is the radio aerial

The map below shows the Scroby Sands site, and marks the deployment locations
A view of the scroby sands windfarm